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Solitary Sex Magick


Solitary Sex Magick is an occult manual that teaches the magical practice of sex magick. 

This manual has been specially written and prepared for the passionate solitary practitioner.

Since magical instructions are key to learning, this manual has been modified into an easy-to-read format.

Sex magick is a pure magical science and art, and he/she who learns its secrets shall discover real magical power.

Learn the foundation of the Craft of Magick and harness the forces of nature through solitary sex.


Why practice sex magick in solitary?

This is because it is actually hard to find someone to do it with.

Take note that you cannot just do it with anybody.

You have to understand that in the real practice of sex magick, there will be a merging of energies, as well as a merging of the souls.

If you end up practicing this craft with someone who has an impure soul, then you will only be corrupted, and the magic will not work.

Sex magick in the purest kind of magick as it originates from a raw instinct of man.

As such, you know that the energy that you harness is pure and of divine source.

What is more, the energy is not just any other energy, but the energy of life.

Humanity would not have continued to exist if the people did not engage in sex.

Sex is life and life is energy — and you can harness and manipulate this energy in a magical way.

Solitary Sex Magick is the key that will open wide a door of magick for you, and this door shall lead to many paths and magical experiences for you to explore and enjoy.

After all, the practice of magic ought to be experienced.

It is only through personal experience that you can fully understand the meaning of a technique or practice.

The same is true in the practice of sex magic (just like any other magical practices) — you ought to experience it yourself to realize its power.

Do not worry; the practice of solitary sex magic is highly pleasurable, so you would not have any problems with it.

In fact, you will even be comforted and brought to great heights of pleasures and ecstasy.

You will literally feel your body vibrating as it becomes filled with lots of magical energy, similar to the so-called full-body orgasm — only stronger and purer.

Your body shall throb like a heartbeat as it bathes in divine energy.


Are you ready to learn the secrets of this art form? 

If yes, then let me now welcome you into the divine mysteries of sex, where you shall discover raw and potent power that you can harness for the realization of your will.

Always with love and with light, blessed be!