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Astral Projection Manual for Beginners

  Astral Projection Manual for Beginners  is an occult manual that teaches the secrets of astral projection. Learn to leave your physical body and travel the world — even the whole universe (and other universes). The practice of astral projection has been kept in secret for many years. Today, there are a good number of books and articles on the subject of astral travel, but the problem is that many of these writings have been corrupted, thereby leading the student astray. In order to shed real light into the practice, this manual has been written based only on well-established teachings and techniques whose origin can be traced back to ancient time — during the Old Days when magick was very much alive and such a time when man lived in harmony with nature.   Astral Projection Manual for Beginners  lays down essential and genuine theories, as well as exercises, that will allow you to learn and practice astral projection, also known as astral travel or out-of-body experience. By the time

The Inner Witchcraft of the Mind

  The Inner Witchcraft of the Mind  is an occult manual that explores and teaches the magical secrets of the mind.  By learning the magical aspects of the mind, you can wield the forces of magic like never before. Indeed, in the study and practice of magic, the mind is held in the highest esteem, thereby the ancient saying, "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental." However, only a few understand what this means, which also explains why only a few are able to wield the powers of magic and the forces of nature effectively.  This manual shares essential theories and foundational practices that will allow you to understand and know the magical power of your mind, and thereby allow you to use it magically.    The mind is your most powerful weapon in magic. As a witch or magus, it is only right that you learn to use your magic — and that you ought to use it in a magical way. Remember: As your mind is, so does reality also become. By learning to make your mind magical, you can also

Solitary Sex Magick

  Solitary Sex Magick  is an occult manual that teaches the magical practice of sex magick.  This manual has been specially written and prepared for the passionate solitary practitioner. Since magical instructions are key to learning, this manual has been modified into an easy-to-read format. Sex magick is a pure magical science and art, and he/she who learns its secrets shall discover real magical power. Learn the foundation of the Craft of Magick and harness the forces of nature through solitary sex.   Why practice sex magick in solitary? This is because it is actually hard to find someone to do it with. Take note that you cannot just do it with anybody. You have to understand that in the real practice of sex magick, there will be a merging of energies, as well as a merging of the souls. If you end up practicing this craft with someone who has an impure soul, then you will only be corrupted, and the magic will not work. Sex magick in the purest kind of magick as it originates from a

Mindcraft Spells Starter Manual

Mindcraft Spells Starter Manual  is the magical manual for casting spells and doing magical work through mindcraft. Mindcraft refers to the secret practice of real magick where you rely solely on the power of your mind. Indeed, the mind alone is more than enough. This is an excellent practice for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. As you go through this journey, you will learn more about true magick, as well as your own divine powers. This is an awakening of the soul to magick and power. Mindcraft Spells Starter Manual  will provide you with the foundational knowledge that you need, as well as practical exercises and techniques, to jumpstart your way into the world of mindcraft. As the Hermetic saying goes, "The All is Mind; the Universe is Mental," and so it is — for deep in this teaching lies great occult power and mastery of the universe. Regardless whether you consider yourself as a magician, witch, sorcerer, a shaman — or whatever name or title that you call you

Energy Ball Manual

Energy Ball Manual  is a magickal manual that will teach you the ancient science and art of creating a powerful energy ball. Indeed, creating an energy ball is of great interest to a magickal practitioner that it is only right that a whole occult manual be written about it. Energy Ball Manual  is divided into 4 parts: Part I talks about the theory behind the creation of an energy ball. Before you create an energy ball, you first need to be equipped with the right knowledge behind this magickal feat. Part II discusses the actual steps on how you can create an energy ball. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and study this how-to guide. Do not worry, I have written it in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Part III shares important tips and pieces of advice that you should observe to further increase your chances of success. Part IV gives answers to frequently asked questions regarding the creation of an energy ball. Blessed be!